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Transform Your Body

We have developed a 90 Day Body Wellness Plan which will help you transform your lifestyle giving you a feeling of control over your fitness and food, helping you to improve health and boost your overall wellbeing. We will show you how to fit healthy living into your life as we have with thousands of women and make lasting positive changes for good.

Life Changing Results Start Today

The Body Wellness Plan will give you everything you need to transform your body inside and out. We will share with you the truth about how to get fit in body and mind.  
No more fad diets or fitness gimmicks, we keep things simple, factual and honest.

You owe it to yourself to love your body, life and soul.

  • Easy, Quick and Adaptable Recipes
  • Fast and Effective Follow Along Home Workouts
  • Educational Videos on Nutrition, Fitness and Lifetyle
  • Become an Expert on your own Nutrition
  • Food Diary, Body Measurement Tracker, User Manual
  • Motivational Suppor via Email, Messenger & Facebook


Steph Before and After
Rachel Before and After
Bella Before and After
Sascha Before and After

Rachel Sanderson and Steph Rice

Why We Are Different

We have gained and lost over 90lbs between us, in comparison to most personal trainers in the world, that makes us fairly unique. We’ve been there, we’ve struggled and we coached ourselves back to a healthy weight and achieved things we never believed possible, in fitness and in life. 

We have since been on a mission to help inspire, educate and motivate more women like us, like you, across the world to believe anything is possible if you treat your body and mind with the love and respect it deserves to keep you in optimum health, fitness and wellness.

This is why we created our Body Wellness 90 Day Plan, so we can help you become your healthiest self too.

Body Wellness Plan 3 Pillars


Education videos about nutrition, easy to follow recipes, foods that boost nutrient uptake and weight loss, the truth about diets.


Fun and effective follow along workouts for any fitness level,  education videos on exercise and the benefits, myth busting truths.


Videos and printouts which will help you make positive lifestyle changes that compliment your nutrition and exercise plans.

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