You will truly love the way you feel after following this plan

If you want to feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident then this plan is for you!
We have combined all of our life experience, everything we’ve been through on our own weight loss journey (over 90lbs/7 stone down), all of our personal training experience and over 17 years’ of coaching women just like you so we can help you to also become your healthiest self without any fads or gimmicks… 

just tried and trusted fitness and nutrition plans that are proven to work.
Turn habits that are harming your wellness into positive habits that will skyrocket your weight loss, fitness and health.
Become part of our community of like-minded women who all want to help you and see you succeed in reaching your own personal goals.
Join our crew of Chicks to get the guidance, accountability, support and motivation that you deserve.
Your investment in yourself will be worth it.

You Can...

enjoy foods without Any guilt… 

Lose weight without Really trying…

feel energized instead of exhausted… 

sleep better and feel revitalized…

make your self confidence Soar!

What You Get

  • Easy, Quick and Adaptable Recipes
  • Workout Videos to Do Anywhere / Any Time
  • Educational Videos on Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle
  • Accountability Coaching via WhatsApp
  • Support via Email, Messenger and Private Group
  • Food Diary, Measurement Tracker and User Manual

Included in the Plan

Delicious Recipes

Delicious easy to cook recipes and meal ideas that won’t deprive you of the foods that you enjoy and help you reach your goals. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that you don’t have to spend hours cooking.

Each recipe can be adapted if you are a vegetarian.

New recipes released each month!

Workout Plans

Workout in your own home, in the park or hotel room with us.

Workouts take no more than 35 minutes, for all levels of fitness and are easy to follow along with.

Bonus! Exercise library showing you exactly how to perform each exercise correctly.

New workouts released each month!

Lifestyle Advice

Tips and hacks showing you how to live your best life.

Fitness, nutrition and lifestyle education videos to help you become your own expert in all these areas.

Mind(re)set videos to help keep you completely focused and on track in reaching your goals.

Online coaching and support too!

Join for £97

Limited Spaces Available! Increasing to £127 soon!

The 90 Day Body Wellness Plan is unlike any other online health and fitness coaching programme.

Includes quick workouts you can do anywhere, quick and simple recipes, nutrition education, and a community of like-minded women and personal trainers who understand you.

Discover the plan that has literally changed lives in body and mind.

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