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Step Count Walking Challenge

We have a challenge for you today and every day going forwards and that’s to walk 10,000 steps by lunchtime 🏃‍♀️🚶‍♀️ YES, that’s right, we recommend you get your 10k steps in before 2pm for optimum health… every day 💪 Some ideas of how you can do that: Workout in the a.m, walk to work, take the stairs, walk the kids to school, walk at lunchtime (by yourself to escape or with a friend to have a good old chin wag)… Considering a lot of people in Western countries aren’t even walking 2,000 steps in their whole day, it’s pretty important to have a goal to work towards to help increase your everyday activity levels, especially if your job is sedentary 👩‍💻❗ The Italians have been considered a very healthy bunch of (incredibly stylish) people, not only because of their high fibre and varied diet but also because they tend to walk at …

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How to Handle Overwhelm

Are you putting it all into one pot? You know that feeling when you have just given yourself a bit too much to do! That sudden realisation that you’re overwhelmed and you start to back peddle and sabotage the things you started or the steps you decided to take in order to make changes and reach a goal! When we realise either one of us is doing this we call it putting everything into one pot because your mind becomes like a pot of soup! There are no longer separate ingredients on the kitchen counter, it’s all there swimming around in the water and your mind is rapidly turning to mush! So what does a chick do when it all gets a bit too much? You take a step back, you take a moment to separate everything and hit the reset button. If something overwhelms you then it doesn’t serve …

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International Womens Day

Be a Cheerleader on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day it’s common for most of us to take a moment and think about who the inspirational women are in our lives, but we can pretty much guarantee that very few of us would choose the woman who’s staring back at us in the mirror! Yes, YOU! Why not you? Other people would no doubt include YOU in their inspirational women’s list so why not include yourself in yours? You’re incredible for so many reasons and on so many levels. You choose to take care of your fitness, health and wellbeing which makes you a rock star because that means you’re then able to pass on those good habits, lead by example, and show how strong you are inside and out for taking care of yourself so you’re in a better place to take care of those around you. That’s a powerful decision you make every day which starts with you …

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