Should I Count Calories?

To count calories or not to count calories, that is the question! What is the best way to get results when you’re looking to overhaul your body. Here at the Chicks of Wellness headquarters, we do not believe in counting calories! With over 17 years in the fitness industry, we have always helped our clients get amazing results without counting a single calorie. We too are living proof that you don’t need to count calories to drop body fat, slim down and fit into the clothes you’ve been longing to because we have walked that walk chick! We have both done the counting calories thing and we can confirm it’s not pleasant, not effective and is not a sustainable way to live your life! If you start counting calories, in order to keep that weight off, you then need to keep counting and counting calories FOREVER! Let’s face it, no …

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How to Handle Overwhelm

Are you putting it all into one pot? You know that feeling when you have just given yourself a bit too much to do! That sudden realisation that you’re overwhelmed and you start to back peddle and sabotage the things you started or the steps you decided to take in order to make changes and reach a goal! When we realise either one of us is doing this we call it putting everything into one pot because your mind becomes like a pot of soup! There are no longer separate ingredients on the kitchen counter, it’s all there swimming around in the water and your mind is rapidly turning to mush! So what does a chick do when it all gets a bit too much? You take a step back, you take a moment to separate everything and hit the reset button. If something overwhelms you then it doesn’t serve …

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Ditch the Detox Juices and Smoothies

Are you feeling that you’ve gone off track with your health and fitness? If your answer is Yes, then you need to read on… Life can get so busy sometimes and the first thing that starts to get neglected is you! You start to miss your workouts, your healthy eating takes a back seat and before you know it you’ve taken a few steps back. Everyone and everything else becomes a priority. But don’t despair! Here’s a simple way to get your body back on the healthy eating track… Increase your vegetable and fruit intake in a big way. Mainly focusing on the veggies and especially the dark green ones but choose a variety of colours in your diet. We’re NOT referring to juice plans or living off smoothies just to be clear!!!! Following a juice only diet for a week or two is actually not a good idea and …

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International Womens Day

Be a Cheerleader on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day it’s common for most of us to take a moment and think about who the inspirational women are in our lives, but we can pretty much guarantee that very few of us would choose the woman who’s staring back at us in the mirror! Yes, YOU! Why not you? Other people would no doubt include YOU in their inspirational women’s list so why not include yourself in yours? You’re incredible for so many reasons and on so many levels. You choose to take care of your fitness, health and wellbeing which makes you a rock star because that means you’re then able to pass on those good habits, lead by example, and show how strong you are inside and out for taking care of yourself so you’re in a better place to take care of those around you. That’s a powerful decision you make every day which starts with you …

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chicks of wellness slow cooker chicken korma recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Korma Recipe

Slow cookers are perfect additions to any kitchen. They are ideal to prepare a meal first thing in the morning and leave for the rest of the day. Adding meat enhances the flavour and tenderises it. Although our chicken korma recipe requires a few minutes of cooking before hand, generally all you need to do is chop and add to your slow cooker. It’s also gluten free and can be dairy free as well, all you need to do is use plain soya yoghurt instead of natural organic yoghurt. Portions: 4 Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 5 hours Ingredients: 800g skinless free range chicken (use thigh bones & drumsticks) 150ml natural organic yoghurt or plain soya yoghurt 2 tsp garam masala ½ tsp chilli powder 1 tsp turmeric 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp butter ½ tsp ginger powder 1 large onion – peeled and chopped 2 cloves fresh …

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Pre and Post Workout Stretching

Warming up and cooling down are possibly two of the most important parts of your workout and here’s why. Warming up / Prep Stretching Prepares the muscles for exercise by increasing blood flow and body temperature. This circulates oxygen and glucose ready for your body to utilise as energy. As your body warms up your muscles become activated for exercise and this helps to prevent injury and enhances performance on all levels. Prepares your cardiovascular system for increased demands readying the heart, lungs and blood vessels for your workout. Boosts oxygen uptake for exercise and helps to create the exercise patterns via your nerve pathways boosting your motor movements and further increasing performance. Cooling Down / Post Stretching Gradually decreases body temperature which helps prevent injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs). Increases flexibility and tone of the muscles by returning them to their original position and developing their elasticity. …

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