why stretching is important

Pre and Post Workout Stretching

Warming up and cooling down are possibly two of the most important parts of your workout and here’s why.

Warming up / Prep Stretching

Prepares the muscles for exercise by increasing blood flow and body temperature. This circulates oxygen and glucose ready for your body to utilise as energy. As your body warms up your muscles become activated for exercise and this helps to prevent injury and enhances performance on all levels.

Prepares your cardiovascular system for increased demands readying the heart, lungs and blood vessels for your workout. Boosts oxygen uptake for exercise and helps to create the exercise patterns via your nerve pathways boosting your motor movements and further increasing performance.

Cooling Down / Post Stretching

Gradually decreases body temperature which helps prevent injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs). Increases flexibility and tone of the muscles by returning them to their original position and developing their elasticity. Gradually increases blood flow to the heart and brain from the muscles and prevents ‘blood pooling’.

Helps the body to effectively eliminate byproducts of exercise. Helps you recover from intense exercise and return to a state of equilibrium. Promotes post workout recovery and increases rapid repair and development of muscles.

If you don’t already. Bring some pre and post workout stretching into your session and you will no doubt feel the benefits.

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